Every accomplishment requires energy. The more energized you and your team are, and the more effectively you use that energy, the more you can accomplish.

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More engaged.
More creative.
More productive.
Much healthier.

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Staying at the top of your game requires balance. Taking time to revitalize, recalibrate, and reinvent is essential to your drive, stamina, creativity, and long-term success.

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Sustainable Energy,
& Performance

99-Day Goal Mastermind – Starts January 1st!

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Prioritize This!

Have complicated decisions to make? Try our free “Prioritizer” tool.
It’s indispensable for prioritizing tasks, features, and other lists.

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Perfect Breathing


The breakthrough book that opens the door to better health, emotions, and performance using practical, easy-to-use techniques. Learn more…

Taking Notes with Pen & Paper Makes You Smarter

Research shows that people who take notes using pen and paper have much better memory and comprehension of the material compared to people who type their notes. This is true even for people who are skilled enough to transcribe 100% of what is being said!

How do you Maximize Productivity? Stay Home.

How can you dramatically improve productivity, health, and retention in your workplace? It’s a simple formula: Let people do whatever they want, whenever they want, and judge them solely on results.