Perfect Breathing

Perfect Breathing

A breakthrough book that opens the door to the many benefits of intentional breathing including improved health, accelerated healing, effective stress control, better performance, and emotional control. Paperback – $14.95

Perfect Breathing

Perfect Breathing eBook

The breakthrough breathing book in digital format! $12.95


Video: Six-Second Breathing Exercise

This video show you how to use Six Second Breathing as a way to take control of your health, performance and emotions. This simple breathing technique will help boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, help you deal with difficult emotions, and deliver your best performance. Watch now…

Video: Ignite Your Health – One Breath at a Time

Al shows how you can use simple breathing techniques to improve your health and ability to heal, boost your mental & physical performance, manage stress as well as increase your emotional intelligence and wellbeing – in 5 minutes! Watch now…

Video: Ignite Your Creativity

Simple, proven tips to help you boost your creativity and generate more personal energy. Watch now…

Video: Breathe-Break 1

The first in the Breath Break series showing you how to develop breath awareness to improve your physical, mental, and creative performance, and boost your health, emotional intelligence, and overall well-being. Watch now…

Video: Breathe-Break 3

The third in the Breath Break series showing you how to use breathing to improve your performance – whether you are a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, dancer, musician, actor – you name it. Techniques used by peak-performers of all kinds. Watch now…

I Like…

1) Tony Schwartz – “The Power of Full Engagement

2) Linda Stone – “Conscious Computing

3) Malcom Gladwell – “Blink“, “Outliers“, etc.

4) John Medina – “Brain Rules

5) Dr. Herbert Benson – “The Relaxation Revolution

6) Chade-Meng Tan – “Search Inside Yourself

7) Takao Nakaya – Sensei, author

8) Chungliang Al Huang – T’ai Ji master, author, etc.

9) Willpower – Roy Baumeister/John Tierney

10) Getting Things Done – David Allen

11) The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg