Coaching Programs

The Next Step to the Next Level

Everyone can benefit from coaching. The best of the best almost always have coaches – someone who can provide objective insight, illuminate your blind spots (we all have them), and collaborate to help you become even more successful. I offer customized coaching for both individuals and small groups (see below), specializing in:

  • Goal Achievement
  • Performance & Productivity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Life-Balance & Stress Management
  • Leadership

99-Day Goal Mastermind Program

Ready to knock off that big goal? Whether it is that next promotion, weight loss, or that book you’ve been meaning to write, my unique “99-Day Goal Mastermind Program” coaching program combines the most effective, scientifically proven approaches for creating a productive, high-performing, healthy, and balanced work/life-style with a major goal accomplishment (of your choosing), as well as individual weekly coaching over a 99-day period. Learn more…


Al helped to light a fire that I thought I would never get back!