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Vision – Goals – Challenges

Managing Change

Change is constant in our lives, in the world, and in business.

Individuals and teams that know how to manage change effectively have a competitive advantage.

Productivity & Sustainability

Cutting-edge techniques for improving performance, productivity, and creativity  also significantly reduce sick days, stress, and attrition.

Top performance and a healthy, sustainable work culture are inextricably intertwined!

Competitive Edge

Companies with the highest employee engagement significantly outperform the stock market. Companies with the lowest employee engagement significantly under-perform the stock market.

How engaged is your team?

Who I Work With

I work with individuals and teams who believe they are capable of more and are committed to that pursuit.

I help expand their capacity to problem solve, manage change, engage, create and grow.


Partial Client List

  • Broadcom
  • Infocus Corporation (Wilsonville & Norway)
  • Merck Consumer Health (Frankfurt)
  • NW Naturopathic Physicians Conference
  • Waggener Edstrom – PR & Marketing
  • Nike – Sporting Equipment & Apparel


  • Tighter Communications
  • Higher Engagement
  • Expanded Creativity
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Wellness
  • Greater Achievement

“You can’t overestimate the power of a team that is energized, clear on the goal, aligned with the mission, and invested in the outcome. In many ways, we are limited only by what we choose to believe, our creativity, and the energy we bring – all of which are largely under our control.”

Vision – Goals – Challenges

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Experienced, entertaining speaker for conventions, conferences, off-sites, breakouts, and events.

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The world’s best use coaches – because they know it will help them to reach even higher levels of performance.

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When the situation calls for a specialized skill set, an unbiased, outside perspective, or additional temporary resources, I bring extensive leadership, problem solving, presentation, and facilitation skills to help you meet your goals.

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You don’t have to turn your world upside down. Small changes can lead to dramatic results!

Al Lee