Perfect Breathing

Transform Your Life One Breath at a Time

Exercises like ‘the 6-second breath” aren’t just quick and simple, they can provide relief from conditions like high blood pressure, anxiety, pain, and even asthma and premature aging. … The authors’ practical advice is suitable for almost anyone suffering pain or illness.” — Publishers Weekly Web Pick of the Week

Perfect Breathing: Transform Your Life One Breath at a Time (Sterling Publishing/NYC) is a book that can change your life. In it, authors Al Lee and Don Campbell illuminate a simple, dynamic pathway to limitless human potential based on not only some of the most contemporary scientific information ever compiled, but on centuries-old teachings and techniques. They share simple awareness tools, techniques, information and insight from influential people from all walks of life and professions who have harnessed the energy of the breath and who offer personal and inspirational experiences that give potent testimony to the influence conscious breathing can provide.

There is no other book like Perfect Breathing. In easy-to-understand language, the authors reveal what the experts have long known: The secret to achieving the highest levels of performance, spirituality, health and healing lies within your breath.
Perfect Breathing

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