Asking 3 simple questions can help you navigate the changes we are constantly facing, and help you keep small problems from become big problems – or worse!

Last week I posted about how important it is to transform change into a competitive advantage. The best way to make sure that change doesn’t sneak up on you is to have an ongoing continuous improvement process.


Everything is always changing – your team, the business environment, your clients, etc. Gathering all stakeholders together on a regular basis and asking these 3 questions will help you ride the endless waves of change, instead of getting rolled by them:

  1. What is working well that we need to KEEP doing?
  2. What are we not doing that we need to START doing?
  3. What are we doing that is not working, or is holding us back that we should STOP doing?

This simple process gives you the option of making changes incrementally, rather than having to make transformational changes when small problems add up over time and require big painful changes.

Sometimes transformational change is unavoidable. When you are beset by sudden transformational change (a global pandemic for example!), hold on to your “anchors” – the things that are unchanging – such as your guiding principles, culture, ethics, mission statement, etc. Reminding yourself and others of what is not changing can be an important beacon to help you navigate tough situations and make difficult decisions.

What techniques do you use to successfully navigate change?

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