99-Day Goal Mastermind Program – Next Session Starts Sept. 8th!

99-Day Big Goal Smackdown!

The Goal Mastermind Program is a 99-day program that will help you master the most powerful, scientifically proven mind/body tools available to help you accomplish a major goal in your life – whatever it may be! Whether it is changing careers, getting a promotion, weight loss, or writing a book – whatever is important to you – this program will help you overcome obstacles and inertia and help you to quickly reach your goal!

I’ll provide you with all the tools you need to clarify your goal, create a realistic, executable plan, and then help you see it through to completion with personalized weekly coaching and motivation. You’ll learn how to develop, improve, and apply your most potent sources of personal power to achieve this goal – as well as all others in the future.

How it works:

I will work with you to help you craft your measurable, attainable goal, and set monthly milestones. We will then have two short meetings (less than 30 minutes) each week – the first is a virtual group meeting to introduce you to concepts and techniques that will boost your energy, motivation, and confidence, and the second is a private session to answer questions, help you work through any obstacles you encounter, and make sure you are staying on track to your goal. All meetings are conducted via video conference (Skype), or by phone if preferred. Some examples of the techniques that are covered include:

  • Energy Management
  • Increasing Willpower
  • Changing/Creating Habits
  • Boosting Creativity
  • Conscious Breathing Techniques
  • Powerful Planning/Tracking Methods
  • Creating Belief
  • Using Visualization

For questions or to sign up ($1999)contact Al directly.

I loved this goal setting workshop! I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who feels stuck, needs a push or just wants to dare to go for their big goal or dream!



Al’s coaching is transformational– he provides clear, concise tools and feedback supported by cutting-edge science on how our brains and bodies work.

I’ve seen first-hand the results Al gets when he coaches people to their goals. He’s got the vision, energy and compassion to help people achieve what they want.

Al can help you reach into yourself and bring out and utilize potential that you haven’t even tapped yet