How do you recharge?

Until Elon Musk figures out how to retrofit humans with a charging plug, we have to recharge our bodies the old-fashioned way –  by making sure we are eating smart, getting plenty of sleep, and exercise.

When it comes to creating energy, don’t forget about the things that energize you mentally, emotionally, creatively, and spiritually. They are usually the things you are passionate about. The activities you can immerse yourself in for hours at a time and come away feeling more energized than when you started. Those activities are essential to you being able to perform at your best.

Kim Scott (Google exec and author of “Radical Candor”) says: “Running is a part of my job. If I don’t run, I can’t do my job as well.” The activities that energize you – cooking, gardening, cycling, art, music, etc. – are not guilty pleasures, or optional nice-to-haves. They are essential. Make them a priority.

Research shows that to instantly double the chances that you will follow through and do those things, schedule them and put them on the calendar!

So what do you do to recharge your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual batteries?