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Maximize Your “Return on Energy” in 4 Simple Steps

Everything you do – every task you perform, every problem you solve, every interaction you have – takes energy. On any given day you have a finite amount of energy. In Part 1 we looked at how you can create more energy every day. Now that you have created all that essential energy, let’s look at how you can get the most from it. Here are 4 simple steps you can take to maximize your “Return on Energy”:

3 Tips For Creating More Energy

The number one most important thing you do is to create energy. That’s right, it is numero uno. Why? Because everything else you do depends on it. Every synapse that fires in your brain, every word you speak, every muscle you move – every beat of your heart depends on it. Want to perform better? Want to get more done? Want to be more creative? Create more energy.

CPR for Your New Year’s Goals

Most people who make New Years resolutions are not successful. In fact most resolutions never even see February. If, like the majority of people who made New Year’s resolutions, you are seeing your goals and aspirations circling the drain or about to go on life-support, here are a couple of tips and insights that can help you be successful in all of your attempts to improve yourself and create a better life. So charge up the paddles and get ready to jump-start your resolutions.

Visualization and DIY Gene Modification

Visualization has long been seen by some as akin to wishing on a star or a four-leaf clover-with a rate of return somewhere in the neighborhood of a Powerball ticket.

It turns out the odds are a lot better than that, in fact hard science has proven that visualization is a real and powerful tool that each of us can easily use to shape our lives and create better outcomes – personally and professionally.