Al Lee Creativity Performance ProductivityIf, like many people, you have been thinking about the things that you’d like to accomplish this year, or the changes you’d like to make. Here are a couple of quick tips to help you improve your score when it comes to following through and checking off your goals:

1) Make sure the goal is crystal clear

This one seems so obvious; I almost hate to write it. But if we are talking about a significant goal, clarity is critical to making it happen. Your best bet is to write down your goal, exactly what finished means, and how you will measure it – how you will know that you have arrived at your destination. Write down the reasons why it is important to you and how reaching this goal will change your life. Read through your goal statement – every day preferably – but at least once a week to keep your brain focused on the goal.

Performing this one activity will dramatically improve your chances of success.

2) Take at least one small step every day

Often the biggest obstacle to making progress on my goals is that I don’t think I have time to take the next step. That makes it very easy to procrastinate. Break down your goal tasks into the smallest pieces possible to remove the resistance and overcome inertia.  Whether it is just making a phone call or even just looking up the number, try to do at least one small thing every day – even if it is just to review your goal.

Taking action is the key – no matter how small. Once you take action, your brain’s desire to finish will help you build momentum.

3) Restart

One thing I have learned from my Goal Achievement Mastermind Groups, is that it is not a matter of if your plan will get derailed; it is a matter of when. Whether it is a family emergency, the flu, or a crisis at work, the odds are that your plan and momentum will get shot down at some point. Most people’s plans don’t recover when that happens. The most effective remedy for this problem is to be accountable to someone – whether a family member, friend, co-worker or coach. Accountability can provide that crucial spark to relight the flame.

Sharing your goal with someone and regularly reporting on your progress will make the difference between celebrating success and daydreaming about it.

Whether you make resolutions or not, the New Year is a great time to make a fresh start. It is the beginning of a new undertaking: Remaking, refining or redefining you. Make this the year that you take the big steps toward the life you would like to create.

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[Photo courtesy Bill Badzo]