Essential Skills Recap #1 – Personal Sustainability

I recently did an 8-part “Essential Skills for High Performing Teams” program for a corporate client. Afterward, they asked me to create some short summaries of the material to post in their newsletter to help reinforce the learning. I thought I would share them with you over the next few weeks.

Our initial focus is on personal sustainability and avoiding burnout. Here are some key areas we covered to help reduce stress, improve health and work/life balance:

  • Communications: Most problems arise from miscommunication – especially using email and text. If there are any question of tone or intent, follow up in person!
  • Self-Awareness: Emotional Intelligence means becoming aware of your emotions and managing them effectively. Becoming aware of your breath is a great start, as it always reflects your emotions. Take a few slow deep breaths to defuse an emotional situation.
  • Recharge: Take the time to recharge during your workday—intersperse your schedule (as best you can) with tasks and teammates you really enjoy. Work in focused sprints, not marathons! Take a walk or tell a joke or funny story to a co-worker on the way to fill up your coffee in the middle of a stressful bid or billings.

If you’d like more information on Essential Skills training, you can find it here.