Essential Skills for High Performing Teams


Studies by MIT’s Human Dynamics Lab have shown that team communication profiles are the number one indicator of team performance – more so than experience, expertise and education combined. Additionally Daniel Goleman’s groundbreaking work on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has shown that more than 80% of the key competencies of leaders are encompassed by EQ and personal awareness.
Providing team members with an understanding of these and other essential “soft”skills” along with their practical application is essential to the goals of this program. This program will give attendees the knowledge and practical application experience necessary to apply powerful communication and EQ strategies to elevate personal and team performance.

Specifically, attendees will learn how to communicate in ways that maximize information sharing, creative thinking, motivation, as well as how to foster and maximize those important communication opportunities. Participants will also learn how use “Active Listening” techniques as well as non-verbal communications (body language) to create trust and stronger relationships to achieve better results with both internal and external customers.
Additionally, attendees will learn the basics of EQ – how to use proven techniques to recognize and deal effectively with the emotions of others as well as develop the personal awareness to recognize and manage their own emotions effectively as well. The same techniques used for improving EQ are also powerful tools for effectively managing stress, and improving health and creativity.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn and apply the communication styles and profiles of high-performing teams
  • Improve Active Listening skills and how to decipher and use body language
  • Understand how Emotional Intelligence impacts performance and engagement and how to improve your skills

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