Untapped PotentialDo you view change as an opportunity or an obstacle?

In case you missed the memo, change is inevitable and constant. Resistance is futile. Up against that relentless tide, it is very helpful to have a mindset of embracing change and doing your best to turn it to your advantage.


There are 4 different responses to change:

  • Victim mode
  • Critic mode
  • Bystander mode
  • Navigator mode


Each of these responses has its own characteristics. A person may exhibit more than one at a time, or may transition from one to another (and back again). But resisting change rather than embracing it characterizes all of these responses except the Navigator mode.

Pay attention to how you respond when faced with change. Try to be a “Navigator” by successfully managing those changes and hopefully taking advantage of them. Try to help those around you develop that attitude as well.

The way you and your team approach change can become a competitive advantage!

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