Is your precious energy going down the drain?

The last piece of the energy management puzzle is energy drains. The last two weeks I’ve posted about creating and using your energy effectively, but it is important to look at the ways that we unnecessarily waste or lose energy.

We all have habits, people, and situations that drain energy from us. It is important to be aware of them and minimize them in our lives to the degree possible.

The biggest offender tends to be focusing on things outside of our “Circle of Influence” – people or situations that you have no control over. When you run into problems or find your emotions heating up, start by asking yourself “is there anything I can do about this?” If the answer is yes, weigh your options, create a plan, and take action. If the answer is “no”, set it aside, move on and try not to waste any more energy on it.

Keeping your focus on things you can impact is energizing and empowering. Focusing on things outside of your control is frustrating, demoralizing and wastes a lot of valuable energy.

What techniques do you use to avoid wasting your energy?