Photo: Walt Stoneburner

Photo: Walt Stoneburner

This morning I heard two stories on the radio that really moved me. Stories about two people who feel very strongly that they have been called to help other people.

The first is Thomas Weller. His car went off the road into a snowdrift in 1964. He would likely have frozen to death had a stranger not come along and pulled him out. The stranger only asked that Thomas pass it on. He has been cruising the freeways ever since offering assistance to others who need help. He’s been called an angel more times than he can count, but says that he is no angel. “When you help others, you help yourself.” Pass it on.

Another is a pediatric doctor who treats kids with brain cancer. He realized early on that he had a gift for working with sick children and their parents. He has now pioneered a technique for causing brain tumors to glow so that they can be more safely and successfully removed.

What are you doing? Why? It is important to step back from our personal whirlwinds from time to time to consider those questions.

Here are the links to the stories. I suggest listening to the audio as I don’t think everything is captured in the text:

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