How can you maximize your energy, productivity, and creativity today?

The amount of energy we have on any given day is finite. Some days more, some days less, but there is a limit to the amount of energy we can put into our personal and professional priorities.

Last week I wrote about how we can create more energy in our lives. This week it is all about using that energy in the most efficient and effective way possible. The bottom line: Work with rhythm. Alternating between periods of intense focus and re-energizing breaks.

Research shows that our brains work best in focused sprints of 1.5 – 2hrs followed by a break. Try not to multi-task. It is an energy and productivity killer. Focus on one task at a time and shut off distractions such as phone, email, etc. It is similar to weight training at the gym – short sets where you push your limits, followed by a recovery period. After your sprint, take a break. Take a short walk, have a conversation with a colleague, meditate, or close your eyes for a few minutes. Ideally something that re-energizes you for the next sprint.

Rinse and repeat. You’ll find you can repeat this cycle throughout the day staying energized, focused, creative and productive.