Are you using Agree & Add?
An essential part of both communications and emotional intelligence is relationship building – creating rapport with others. One powerful technique suggested by the FBI’s Joe Navarro is also a foundation of Improv Comedy. It is called “Agree & Add.”

Here’s how it works: When someone makes a statement, for example “I love Mexican food”. You could reply “So do I!” and then add “There is a place on the east side that has amazing enchiladas.” That lets them know that you are listening, paying attention and that you are in sync. It also keeps the conversation moving.

Even if you disagree, try to find some common ground to validate their opinion. “Everyone seems to love Mexican food. Have you tried Greek food? That is my favorite.”

This simple “Agree & Add” technique puts people at ease, builds trust and helps them to open up. All leading to better communications.

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