Creating a Customer Service Mindset


Expanding the definition of who we see as “customers” to not only paying clients, but to the people we work for, the people we work alongside, and those that work for us can be transformative. Creating a “customer service” mindset for all of our professional interactions creates more trust, transparency, a more productive team, and more loyalty for both your internal and external “customers.”

The term “Customer Experience” (CX) was created to encompass the entirety of a customer’s interaction with a brand – from when they first hear the company’s name through (hopefully) multiple purchase cycles. With more and more business competition and with so many options for instant communications, customers are able to broadcast their experiences to large audiences, making the stakes for delivering excellent CX more important than ever before. Infusing your team culture with the CX mindset provides a rock-solid anchor that can help your team become more resilient to the ever-changing business landscape and pursue an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

This program is highly interactive and emphasizes guided discovery along with content delivery. It aims to create a shift in the way people think about the work they do and the services they provide. Considering that every job and every person is unique, this program will give employees the tools to create their own 5-star “Customer Experience”.

Key Takeaways

Each attendee will come away with:

  • A clear understanding of what a “Customer Service” mindset means in their position
  • A clear understanding of who their “customers” are
  • What excellent customer service looks like in their position
  • How the customer service mindset leads to greater trust, transparency and continuous improvement

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