My Approach


My approach is simple. I believe in the science of results. I have found that by focusing on the 3 pillars of performance – Energy/Engagement/Enjoyment – both individuals and organizations can unleash untapped potential that can lead to significant improvement in creativity, productivity, engagement, and overall wellbeing. Perhaps most importantly, these practices are sustainable – allowing your and your team to perform at your highest level indefinitely – and they reduce costs by reducing sick days, attrition, disengagement and burnout.

There is now a mountain of solid research and case studies showing that effective Energy Management and higher engagement directly effect the bottom line, and forward thinking companies like Sony, Google, Wachovia, and others are proving it every month.


Energy is oftentimes taken for granted, but this is an area where most all of us can improve – individuals and teams alike. Everything takes energy. More energy translates to more achievement. What creates energy for you? What creates energy for your team? How can you prioritize the activities that create more energy and lead to better results?


It’s all about maximizing your return – the return on the energy you’ve created. What you do, how you do it, and when, dramatically impacts your effectiveness and your efficiency. Cutting-edge performance science has now provided us with a clear prescription that is often at odds with conventional wisdom and work culture. Working in sprints instead of marathons, singular focus rather than multitasking, and eliminating unnecessary drains on individual and team energy can make a huge difference in your bottom-line results.


Staying at the top of your game requires rhythm and balance. Taking time to revitalize, recalibrate, and reinvent is essential to your drive, stamina, creativity, and long-term success. The more we understand about our brains and bodies, the clearer it becomes that taking time to let go, step back, and appreciate our accomplishments is a critical factor in peak performance. It also completes the cycle, as enjoying the things we work for and that make life worth living is very energizing!

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