The Prioritizer

Simplify your tough decisions

Focus on the Important Things

The “Prioritizer” can be use to prioritize any kind of list:

  • ToDo lists
  • Goals
  • Product requirements/features
  • New home or new car features and options
  • Places you’d like to visit. You get the idea – anything you can think of

The Prioritizer simplifies prioritization and decision-making by asking you to only choose between two items at a time, remembering your choices and reordering the list based on your choices. Don’t over-think your answers – you can always reorder the list when you are finished. Click here for instructions, or just jump in and start entering your list below. When finished, you can save the results by clicking on “Email List.”

    Which of the below items is the highest priority? Select one or the other.


    Prioritizer Instructions

    Enter each item into the text box and click the “Add List Item” button. You can enter as many as you like, but the number of questions to answer and the amount of time increase rapidly after approximately 10 items. When you have finished entering all of your list items. Click on the “Prioritize” button. You will then be presented with a series of questions asking you to choose between the list items, two at a time. Once each of the list items has been compared. The list will be reordered based on your selections. Once you are presented with the prioritized list, you can manually reorder or delete items. To reorder the list, place your mouse over the “4 dots” at the beginning of the item and drag it to its new location in the list. To delete and item, mouse over the right side of the list item and click on the red “X” that appears.