TED Tuesday: Agile Programming – For Your Family

Agile_goatsI am fascinated by the concept of agile/iterative development. After seeing firsthand how dramatically product quality, time to market, and adaptability improved when teams I managed began using these principles, I became intrigued at how these concepts could be applied to other aspect of both my professional and personal life.

Avoiding the mind-numbing discussions of engineering development protocols, suffice it to say that the general idea is to constantly make small, iterative changes over short periods of time, evaluate the results, adjust as necessary, and repeat.

This is a very effective way to approach many different problems, tasks, or undertakings and embodies the saying: “done is better than perfect.”

Today’s video is about applying those principles to families. I don’t have kids, but think it is very interesting to see the results of applying agile/iterative principles to the family environment. It opens up a whole range of other possibilities and applications.

Favorite quote:

“It turns out my daughters are little Stalins. We were constantly having to dial them back!”


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