Every accomplishment requires energy. The more energized you and your team are, and the more effectively you use that energy, the more you can accomplish.

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Staying at the top of your game requires balance. Taking time to revitalize, recalibrate, and reinvent is essential to your drive, stamina, creativity, and long-term success.

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Sustainable Energy,
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Perfect Breathing


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How do you Maximize Productivity? Stay Home.

How can you dramatically improve productivity, health, and retention in your workplace? It’s a simple formula: Let people do whatever they want, whenever they want, and judge them solely on results.

Capture the Moment and Free Your Mind

I continue to be fascinated by the insights into our brains and its mysteries that are being revealed by new research and technology breakthroughs. I’ve recently been reading “The Organized Mind” by Daniel Levitin. It’s filled with intriguing information about how our brains work and how we can change our habits to maximize its capabilities and use them to the fullest. Empty The Junk Drawer One of the key insights is about the importance of offloading information out of our brains, essentially removing the mental clutter that turns our brains into the biological equivalent of the ubiquitous kitchen junk drawer. Our brains will try to keep track of everything we think is important unless it is assured that it has been properly stored or scheduled. Trying to keep track of too many things makes it difficult for us to concentrate or to release the brain into its most creative “daydreaming” state. We’ve understood this need for a very long time. It is what drove us to develop written language in the first place – having too much to remember. Creating a workable personal system for dealing with mental clutter is critical for both performing at your best and maximizing your creativity – not to mention protecting your sanity. When Lightening Strikes – Grab It! Most highly creative people (and high-performers of all kinds) have a system for capturing their ideas as they occur. They understand that they may not get a second chance. I‘m willing to bet that you have had a moment of insight that was as clear as day, only to sadly realize that it had vanished...

Minimize Cost or Maximize Creativity?

It is interesting to see the increasing trend toward cost-efficient “bullpen” workspaces. It goes against everything we now know about maximizing creativity and productivity, and is not cost-effective in the long run

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