There is now a mountain of scientific and real-world research that provides us with a clear and unambiguous roadmap to achieving both consistent best performance and a sustainable, healthy workplace. You don’t have to choose between them. In fact, they are inextricably linked!

This entertaining, fast-paced, and content rich program will provide you with seven practical techniques you can start using immediately – individually and organizationally – to create more energy and work in a way that delivers better results by boosting efficiency, engagement, creativity, focus, and increasing your overall “return on energy”.

Companies like Sony and Wachovia have implemented these same principles to create dramatic improvements in productivity, engagement and overall job satisfaction. In fact, Wachovia found in a controlled study that loan officers who practiced Energy Management (one of the core concepts of this training) outperformed a control group by 20% – measured in bottom-line revenue – over the course of a year.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the connection between energy management and both individual and organizational performance and success
  • Learn specific techniques that can be used to dramatically improve creativity, engagement, and sustainability
  • Learn how to supercharge productivity and creativity by clarifying your vision and maximizing belief
  • Learn how to identify and minimize unnecessary drains on organizational energy and performance
  • Learn key concepts for creating and implementing an organizational plan to maximize “Return on Energy”

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