The Link Between Creativity, Productivity, and Sustainability

Maximizing these three very important attributes will allow you to accomplish just about anything you set your mind to. It turns out they are inextricably linked together! What creativity, productivity, and sustainability all have in common is that rhythm and balance are essential to each of them. Introducing rhythm and balance into your working habits will boost each of these in a significant way. Let me explain: Creativity The latest brain science has shown that although creativity is still somewhat mysterious, you can definitely improve your creativity by using your brain in the manner allows it to function at its best. You can do that by honoring the brain’s creative cycle. As it turns out, that does not involve multitasking marathons. The creative cycle is essentially based on creating a rhythm between right and left-brain, as well as creating a balance between intense focus and relaxing, restorative practices. That means working in short, focused sprints of 90-120 minutes, followed by short breaks of 10-30 minutes to allow the brain to rest, process, and create. Those “rest” periods are when the sub-conscious performs its mysterious processing and makes creative connections. Those rest periods are when the “aha!” moments are most likely to occur. For example, a recent Stanford study found that participants generated 60% more ideas while taking walking breaks compared to those who remained sitting at their desks! Productivity Your energy level and ability to focus (and thus your productivity) fluctuates with the same cycles that govern your sleep during the night – cycles of approximately 90-120 minutes. Key signs that you are in the down side of that...

3 Tips For Creating More Energy

The number one most important thing you do is to create energy. That’s right, it is numero uno. Why? Because everything else you do depends on it. Every synapse that fires in your brain, every word you speak, every muscle you move – every beat of your heart depends on it. Want to perform better? Want to get more done? Want to be more creative? Create more energy.