3 Tips For Creating More Energy

The number one most important thing you do is to create energy. That’s right, it is numero uno. Why? Because everything else you do depends on it. Every synapse that fires in your brain, every word you speak, every muscle you move – every beat of your heart depends on it. Want to perform better? Want to get more done? Want to be more creative? Create more energy.

Ordinary Task List or Supercharged Productivity Assault Weapon?

Most everyone I know uses a task list. New science shows it can make you more efficient and effective. It can take you from busy to super productive. Used improperly it can be a source of stress, frustration, and make you much less productive. So what’s up with task lists? What helps us? What hinders us? What does the latest science tell us? Quite a lot it turns out, about each of these questions.