This unique “Accelerated Personal Power” workshop is designed to provide each attendee with the tools, skills, and experience necessary to harness the four core competencies of high performance and personal success – energy management, goal achievement, influence, and change management.

Each person will gain an in-depth knowledge of each of these topics through a combination of exploration and experience, providing participants with everything they need to realize an abundance of energy, a clear vision of their destination, the steps to get there, the ability to effectively lead and influence the people around them, and finally, adapt to the constant, relentless change around us.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to expand your personal energy and how to effectively and efficiently focus it on your key priorities
  • Leave with a clear picture of your mission, your prioritized goals, and a clarified picture of your desired outcomes in addition to a strategy for maintaining daily focus
  • Become fluent in the 5 most important physical, verbal, and emotional skills for influencing and motivating those around you by assessing, using, and adapting your approach in interactive sessions
  • Learn the skills – both conceptual frameworks and practical tools — to help you harness the power of change and use it to generate positive energy, ignite creativity and boost momentum

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